47 Years Old Grandmother Is A Fashion Blogger On Instagram (19 pics)

This slender woman is not called a grandmother’s tongue. But the fact remains, the 47-year-old Serbian model of Jacqueline has a 28-year-old daughter who gave her two charming granddaughters. Jacqueline is well versed in fashion trends and nuances of style building. Its fashion blog in Instagram, she organized on the initiative of her son, who thus tried to distract his mother from caring for him. 23-year-old Stefan was tragically killed, and Jacqueline continues to blog in memory of his son. Like all fashion bloggers, it cooperates with various brands of clothes and accessories, on which it earns good money. The model travels a lot and entertains the readers of the blog not only with posts and photos from their trips, but also with stories about the need for the development of the inner world.


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