You Can Buy An Action-Packed Vladimir Putin Calendar For 2018

What with being teetotal, a regular swimmer and leader of the largest country in the world, the Russian President Vladimir Putin certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to admirers.

No doubt there are plenty out there in awe of Putin’s action-packed, testosterone-fueled lifestyle, maybe even taking notes for their New Year’s Resolutions for 2018.

And whatever you think of his style of leadership, you can now take inspiration from his many exploits by buying this Vladimir Putin 2018 calendar, available right now on eBay, and hanging it on your wall



The calendar comes with a motivational picture of Putin accompanying each month, with the front cover of the calendar showing him snuggling up close to a leopard kitten. Such warmth!

And that’s only the start of it, as the calendar is filled with a myriad of other macho moments including Putin posing on a motorbike alongside the Russian flag and laughing while kitted out in an ice hockey uniform. Let no one say that Putin doesn’t lead a busy life.

Some of our favourite images in this calendar include July’s remarkable pic, where you can see Putin doing his best Rambo impression, trekking topless through shrubland while carrying a massive rifle. Just the inspiration you need for the summer months. Surely this is how we all think of him.

In August, you can see Putin on a boat in an all-white ensemble, admiring a fish which he looks to have just caught. Such technique!

And in March, he’s there taking some poor sap down with a expert-looking judo slam. Just in case you were still in doubt as to how much of a badass he is at this point. Fear not, this calendar is here to keep you informed.



Despite all this hilarity, there are some more traditional moments too: other photos in the calendar show Putin delivering a speech and standing looking very stately.

According to eBay, there are 6,000 copies of this wall calendar for sale with the seller calling it ‘highly collectable’ and a ‘great gift’. It’s a laugh, I suppose.

The designer seems to have taken Putin’s international fanbase into account, with the calendar available in eight languages including English, Chinese and Japanese as well as his native Russian.

It might be an unorthodox gift, but at £15.99 ($21.30) it’s a steal, and I guess everyone needs an inspirational role model of some kind while keeping themselves organised. Even if they’re Vladimir Putin.

If there’s a Putin-lover in your life, this might just be the perfect Christmas present for them.


via | ladbible

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