Georges Méliès. Google celebrates the famous director through its first virtual reality doodle / 360 °

Google celebrates its legendary French director and illusionist Georges Méliès on its first virtual reality doodle, a 360 ° short animated short film called Back to the Moon.

The 360 ​​° Doodle – or more accurately, the short feature – can be viewed on all mobile, desktop, virtual reality devices and is available worldwide.

Created in conjunction with Google Spotlight Stories, Google Arts and Culture and Cinémathèque Française, the doodle marks the date of the release of the Méliès “À la conquête du pôle” (1912).

A tribute to Méliès’ romantic and adventurous style, the short silent film, Back to the Moon, follows an unlucky illusionist, in love with a queen who is kidnapped by an evil character. At the end of the video, the creators introduced a tribute to Méliès’s 1902 movie “Le Voyage Dance to the Lune,” and a reference to it is also in the short film title.

“Méliès brought magic to cinema through dozens of tricks and illusions,” the creators say. “What better way to pay tribute than to using the most innovative tools we have to tell stories today: virtual reality!”, They said.

Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès, known as Georges Méliès (December 8, 1861 – January 21, 1938), was a French illusionist and director who made a significant contribution to the development of cinema, from a technical and narrative point of view in the early years of the seventh arts. He was an innovator in special effects, and his films, such as Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902) and Voyage à travers l’impossible (1904), are considered masterpieces of the beginnings of the SF genre.

Google changes its logo occasionally to celebrate a major event or personality that has changed the world.

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