Mother’s Love – Russian Style ( 10 Photos )

Alas, we live in a world where manipulators and psychological vampires often rule the ball. And one of the varieties of psychological vampirism is the “caring mother,” who chose a sinister attitude of “living for the sake of children.” But if you understand, then the children themselves, their desires and needs, it does not go. It does not go about unconditional love, when a child loves just like that, just because it is in the world. On the contrary, the child must comply, fulfill a number of conditions, or at least be “no worse than others.”

“Careful mother” in her power attempts to keep everything under control seeks to train obedient animals that would have done everything “right” as they were, were “good boys and girls.” About this reverse side of the mother’s love, which brings a lot of suffering to both children and mothers, says the photo project of Anna Radchenko.


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