New Movie – Black Panther . Yout Must See This Movie !

Black of Panther is a recent appearance in the Marvel universe and brings us a novelty for some of us – a superhero of color. Fortunately, we are talking about a false premiere, because the list of color superheroes is longer than you thought. It’s enough to look at Wikipedia if you do not believe me. Anyway, you probably saw the movie Hancock with Will Smith in the lead role.

Returning to the movie review you are expecting, I must confess that I am not a fan of the Marvel universe. They just did not catch me with superhero movies, preferring other kinds of action films to their detriment. The good news is, I liked it a lot. The action starts with the presentation of the African country Wakanda and the heir prince, T’Challa. In addition to the role of prince, the main role is played by Black Panther, a kind of defender of the land. The appearance of the Black Panther is not a surprise because the character has been introduced since Captain America: Civil War, and the events in this film take place after the movie released in 2016. Practically, the Wakanda fictional country has a well-kept secret that they protects it at all costs. The main hero must demonstrate that he deserves to be king and then lead the nation in the right direction, which also leads him through some personal transformations.

As in other Marvel movies, the main roles have come to actors with a lot of experience in the field, though you do not know their name without thinking a little about this. First of all, I recognized Forest Whitaker, then find out that he played his son in the same film.

You may also recognize Lupita Nyong’o, who has become globally known as “12 Years of Slave,” and continued with some appearances in Star Wars, among others. Both of them play talent roles as supporting characters for the main character, played by Chadwick Boseman.

As usual, Stan Lee makes a brief appearance in the movie, as he likes the screenwriter responsible for the many block-busters he has signed over the past two decades. The film is already running in all the cinemas in the country.

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