Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Received a Suspicious Envelope Containing a White Powder

British police launched an investigation after  they discovered that a letter was sent  to Prince Harry and his fiancee, Meghan Markle, contained a white powder, which raised concerns that it could be anthrax.

The letter was sent during February, at St. Paul’s Palace. James from central London. Initially, experts feared the possibility of contamination with anthrax those who opened the letter, but after the powder was analysed, the experts concluded that it was a false alarm, writes The Guardian.

According to him, inside the envelope was a note that would be racist content, given that Meghan Markle is half American AFO.

The Evening Standard newspaper reported that the two were informed of the incident. Moreover, the letter was sent to them shortly after a similar package was sent to the Westminster Palace. Thus, the authorities try to determine whether both letters were sent by the same person.

“The police are conducting an investigation after a package containing a substance was sent to St.James Palace on Monday, February 12. The substance was analyzed and determined to be non-hazardous. Officers also consider a complaint about malicious messages. No person has been arrested, “a press release said.

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