See How a Crypto Bloger Lost His $2million during a live broadcast

Cryptobloger Ian Balina lost more than two million dollars in various crypto-currencies during the live broadcast, which he conducted for more than 100,000 subscribers of his channel. While the man showed the availability of money on his wallets, someone hacked his old mail, and then got access to the cloud storehouse, where the keys to his wallets were located.


Unsuspecting Balina continued the stream until one of the spectators told him to check his wallets. After that, the blogger finished the broadcast, and after a while published on his page on Twitter the following entry: “I’m not worried about money. I just want to catch a hacker. Please send any information. Thank you all”. He also acknowledged that this became possible due to the fact that he did not particularly care about the security of his crypto-currency accounts.

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