Studio House – Area Of ​​13 Square Meters (11 photos)

The designer from hanczar studio realized the project on the organization of a living space with an area of ​​only 13 square meters in Wroclaw, Poland. Equipped with everything necessary for a modern urban resident, this studio offers a rethinking of the established understanding of the house. A small space is suitable for a young designer who spends most of his time at work or studying, meets with friends, attends concerts, exhibitions, cinemas and other events, practically does not prepare meals at home and returns here only to spend the night. Therefore, the main emphasis in the studio is on the sleeping area and storage system.


The owner of the studio did not want to live in a large apartment, which would require large financial costs and a lot of time to keep it clean. At the same time he was not ready to give up functionality and comfort. The designer managed to place in the studio a small kitchen, a bathroom, a sleeper, a working area and even a hammock for rest. He also did not forget about the place to store the bicycle – its main means of transportation.



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