This apartment is ONLY ​​30 square meters, and is situated in Paris (10 photos)

This small apartment in Paris with an area of ​​30 square meters was designed by architect Richard Gilbalt. Earlier the space was rather dark, but modern renovation of the room changed the interior especially for a young ambitious couple. Small rooms replaced the bright living room to optimize the use of the room and increase storage areas. Restrained and secluded new bedroom also hides a three-dimensional space for things.

Raising the bed makes the space similar to a comfortable cabin, and a wide sliding door allows you to isolate it from the living room. At the entrance is a long wall of the cabinet with four niches, covered with panels of white and birch plywood. This multipurpose piece of furniture accommodates electric meters, appliances, pantry, refrigerator, wine cabinet, TV, dressing room and much more. The places of connection of the former walls were highlighted with white concrete. These graphic lines enliven the classic wooden floor and tell of the past of the Paris apartment.


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