Top 5 Ways To Quit Smoking. This Methods Have Been Tested By Oxford University

Biologists and psychologists from around the world have spent more than one year of their lives trying to find the best way to help people quit smoking. Often, all the tips were divided into two types: a sudden stop, or a gradual decrease in the number of cigarettes smoked. But which one works better? We suggest combining several effective tricks that really help you quit smoking once and for all.

1 – Diet from greenery

The complaint about fast weight gain when giving up tobacco is one of the most common. The fact that the usual hunger ex-smoker confuses with nicotine and tries to “comfort” the body with abundant meals. A properly balanced diet will help you, where there will be no place for alcohol and coffee, but there will be enough greenery. Basil, dill, parsley and celery help to remove the products of the decay of nicotine, clearing it of toxins.


2 – Alan Carr

Try reading Alan Carr’s famous book “Easy Way to Quit Smoking.” It is completely incomprehensible what techniques the author uses, who filled his little pamphlet with all known facts – but they do work. Cigarette causes rejection after the first chapters; closing the last page you are more likely not to smoke more never.


3 – Electronic doping

Ironically, the best way to stop smoking is using electronic cigarettes. The most simple steam generator will cost you a couple of thousand rubles – for cigarettes a month goes more. With such a “steam bath” in the body will receive a dose of nicotine, without the addition of harmful products of combustion. After a while (a week or two) you can go to liquids without the nicotine, and then completely abandon the ersatz cigarette.


4 – Sports load

Simultaneously with the withdrawal from nicotine addiction, we will also have to start an active life. According to the calculations of the same Nicola Hawley, sports loads help not only to survive the inevitable “breaking”, but also contribute to the early cleansing of the body. It’s all about the increased rate of saturation of the body with oxygen, which will aggressively affect the respiratory system.


5 – Common error

Many believe that it will be easier to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Nicola Hawley, working on the problem of nicotine addiction at Oxford University, published a study completely refuting this method. According to the latest data received, the easiest way is to stop sharply using tobacco.

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